Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zoie's Monster

She just had to make her friend a monster after sitting and holding the mini monster cartridge case and looking at the back. I totally forgot to get a picture of it before she went off to school to give it to her friend. It was pretty cute.

I did manage to get Kaya and her to let me take a picture of them with the monster so we got a pic of it but it isn't a great one, you can't see the details that make it so super cute! Sentiment on it is MPS Everyday Occasions "My Friend". Just had to mention this, I'm going to have to make a card pack with monsters! So fun



  1. My daughter wants me to get this cartridge in the worst way! It just hasn't made the shopping cart yet! Her bday is coming up so maybe I'll have to get it although it won't really go with her wizard of oz theme!

  2. LOL No wouldn't go with theme really but I am glad I purchased that cart it is pretty fun, very Halloweenish too... LOL I wish I would have gotten a good pic of it, it was so super cute~

  3. Mini Monsters is one of my favorite cartridges! Great job. I would love to have you link something up to my blog hop! Come check it out, it is all about trying something new.


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