Sunday, June 27, 2010


I made mine... but here are my not selected, now that I know which one I wanted to submit to the MPS Pink Design team which ends tomorrow for those of you who want to still enter. I sent my submission in.

Here are my didn't get sent in's...

This is a birthday card from the Wild Card cartridge. I thought it was pretty plain so I played more with the envelope than anything. I tried making the candles look alive. I loved my end result.

This card I made for my mom for mother's day. I loved the end result, not bad for just randomly cutting various sizes and going between regular and shadow features. I believe I used the Walk in My Garden cartridge, then used a green check ribbon for my stem and leaves. I thought long and hard about submitting this but in the end I couldn't give more exact details on my recipe for making this card.

I made this card for my daughter to give daddy for Father's Day. I almost actually gave it to him for our anniversary but I couldn't be selfish I just had to let her give it for daddy day. I am so proud of this card. It is a standard card from the Wild Card cartridge but I loved my eye technique. I took the cut outs and used pop dots to give them a raised look. Then I colored them yellow and black. I then took my liquid glass for the black center of the eye and quickly surrounded that with yellow stickles.

Once the eyes were done I just loved how awesome they wound up!

So anyway if you haven't gotten your entry in you have until tomorrow midnight I think it is central time, well pacific time the midnight deadline is 10pm PST hehehe good luck to all those that submitted entries!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Life gets in the way

I need to blog more, I just forget most times. Busy doing stuff with my kids and hubby. I need to make more me time. I also need to get my house in order.

I swear that my chaos really disables me... any suggestions? I love to be organized but I look at stuff and think to myself how should be organized? Sometimes I wish I could just have someone put it all "as it should be" and we can just keep it that way.

In the end though my procrastinating ways really undermine it all in the end. Creating routines is key I know but again I procrastinate ...even my hubby does it too. That really doesn't help although he has FAR more energy than I do, we both love to procrastinate. Find other things rather than deal with what needs to be done.

I used to talk about that stuff with my SIL (may she rest in peace) and she had the right mentality for it all. In fact as of late I keep thinking if that were me I would feel awful leaving Scott and the kidlets with such a mess of a house and so much to sort through. I seriously need to just hit my stuff and get it out so if anything were to happen to me they weren't stuck dealing with my stuff. sigh

I'm having a hard time shaking the tears over Tina. I hear such things about in-laws and I have to say my sister-in-law was truly like my own sister. I miss her terribly. I can't believe she is gone. Like I said I need to weed out my junk in honor of her, no more excuses. Do me a favor and hug your family as much as you can and always tell them you love them.

{{{HUGS}}} Shannon

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