Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Pink Designer Submission

Here is my submission for the MPS designer team...which didn't get me on the team but I am still very proud of it.

In February I decorated a gift bag using this rocket I got from SVGCuts, the card had the little astronaut on it and I linked them together like I did with this astronaut and his ship. I had forgotten to take pictures of my creation which worked out because then I thought it was a great one to use for my submission. I made the rocket in to an actual card and the astronaut tied straight to the ship.

I used Peachy Keen Basic Paper Doll Face Stamps for the little astronauts face, SUPER CUTE! I used MPS's Simply Sweet Occasions for the sentiment.

I think I did a great job. My son loved it so much he made me duplicate it again for his friends Birthday party March 19th. I mean he would accept nothing else for me to make his friend, it was pretty funny in an almost spoiled sort of way. LOL. My hubby loved it too which in the end is all that matters to me. Hugs to you! Thanks for stopping by. ~Shannon

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bellarific Friday

Well I entered a league far from my own. Yes everyone I entered The Stamping Bella's Bellarific Friday. Not sure why I finally did enter one. The artwork usually submitted is FAR above my levels I think. After seeing mine in there with all the others, the others are definitely far better but I am still glad I entered. LOL

I just had to try, I really want to buy some more items from the store. I've been lurking over in the Stamping Bella store for a couple weeks now adding stuff here and there to my cart I really should just buy what I have in there already hehehe okay enough is enough. I doubt anyone reads this so technically that makes me talking to myself LOL no I'm not crazy but sometimes I feel like I could enjoy a padded cell all to myself. :)~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It is so much fun to look around on the world wide web and see what others create. Some are your style, some aren't but yet you can find inspiration in everything.

I love seeing what others do, do you have a blog you'd like to share?

Smoochies for this awesome scrapabella!

Bella Blinkie with Border