Friday, January 21, 2011

Owl Card Set

I am pretty excited, created an Owl Card Set for my daughters teacher. Her birthday is today, I need sleep right now but I will do some finishing touches in the morning and take pictures before I scoot off to the school.

...Check back in a bit I'll add them to this posting.

Okay here are the pictures of the card set:
Owl Card Set

CAC Owl Card

Shout out to Creations with Christina for doing a video showing how easy it is to flock something. I went and got some brown flocking and had fun with my owl's wings (above).

WC Owl Card

GW Owl Card

GW 2nd Owl Card

GW Owl bag

I didn't put all the pictures in here you can catch the rest of them over Flickr here is the link: Owl Card Set

I was up until 1am doing this so I was rummy when I first posted. LOL I hope you enjoyed looking at the cards I created for the set. Positive feedback always welcome!


I want one of those cool signatures and copyrights. Need to research that. Have a great day! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. You are so talented and you put so much thought in to your cards :-)

  2. For me it is finding the motivation, once I get going I usually love what I've created. I would love to have a true dedicated space ...a whole room that I could fit everything and not feel all crammed up, which encourages my procrastination.

    Thanks Doris, I really enjoy it.

  3. These are so cute! I'm sure she will love receiving these! I feel the same way with the small shared space I call my craft area. I joke with my hubby that I am going to put a futon in our room so my craft tools have more space! Who needs sleep anyway and why does he get an entire garage for his stuff?

  4. These cards are too cute! My son has a teacher that LOVES owls and Im thinking you just inspired me to create a card set like this :)
    Thanks for the GREAT post and idea.
    Come check out my blog


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