Sunday, October 9, 2011

You're as pretty as a princess!

OOOOO so true, so from pirates last weekend to princesses this weekend, Zoie has had some fun dress up parties to attend. We received a couple pictures from last weeks pirate birthday party today in the mail. How cute! Zoie said she was saying like arrrgh when they took the picture so her mouth looks funny but it is such cute pictures. The birthday girls mom really decked out the place in the pirate theme too, very cleverly done. When you party plan do you go all out with your decor etc...? She mentioned she scopes Goodwill out to see if she can find things that will work with the theme. I just might have to keep that in mind. Another friend of mine loves doing the Goodwill thing too, I find that the smells in those stores can overwhelm me most times so I find it hard to go in them but man have my friends shown me they get some great decor items from doing exactly this. I wish I was a shopper. hehehe Seriously I wish I could force myself to learn the art of bargain shopping, well not so much just bargains but thrifty shopping.
Here is Zoie's BFF's princess creations I came up with. I have to admit I really like the purse in that cartridge. So cute and very easy to put together. I had fun mixing pieces and putting the princess look together. I used my gypsy so I didn't have the face cut and used one my Peachy Keen sets I have for her precious little face. My sentiment is two from MPS's line of stamps that I decided to use together. I liked how it looked once I was done stamping too, man I love see through stamps (aka acrylic stamps) they just make creating that much easier when you can get things lined up just right!
You know I find that when I'm working on a project for someone it makes me so happy to create something that is unique to them or that I think will fit for their likes. When you create do you take your subjects in mind or do you create so much that often times you are creating to have stock rather than an item for someone specifically?
Oh goodness me I have yak'd on far more than I had intended tonight. Must be my need for sleep, I can hardly focus on the typing. Thanks for stopping by to see my cootie (cricut) creations, I would love to hear from you in comments. I enjoy looing around at blogs and others creations so please let me know your blog so I can scope it out. Thanks.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


That is pirate for alright! Zoie was invited to a pirate party so I decided to make a card.

<--Here is a close up

Here is full card shot -->

...this card was for a friend in who was in her kinder class but is in the opposite class this year. Zoie said the hair was her favorite part. :) Love it when the kids approve. It looked like a super cute party. They came dressed like pirates, made pirate hats, went on a treasure hunt with a treasure map and went home with a treasure chest full of fun pirate goodies. They did a great job with the party.

<--And inside

Next up is going to be a princess motif and bracelet for her BFF. She is going to be Rapunzel for Halloween so this will give her another reason to wear her costume.

Smoochies for this awesome scrapabella!

Bella Blinkie with Border