Saturday, April 10, 2010

MPS Color Challenge & Other tidbits

I wanted to make a birthday card so I figured why not do two things at once. :D

I am still trying to figure out the Hello Kitty cartridge, I used the card feature as well as creating the HK for the front. Was that a chore, trying to figure out how to line it all up but I enjoyed it. You more advanced Cricut users have any good tips? :)~

Earlier this week I made a card to go in my donation basket for the DA's Office fund raiser for the Victims Assistance Unit. In the end the basket is valued just over $100 so hopefully it will bring them some good bids. Here is my card for that...

Oh and this is the basket itself.

Okay say bye bye Hello Kitty!


  1. what a fun project!!!
    thanks for joining us @ MPS!

  2. That is the cutest. I love it! :) Thanks for participating in the MPS Color Challenge!


  3. how cool is kitty? isn't she the cutest? xoxo

  4. Thanks ladies.

    I love HK but there is a learning curve to using that cartridge :D ...hehehe


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