Sunday, October 2, 2011


That is pirate for alright! Zoie was invited to a pirate party so I decided to make a card.

<--Here is a close up

Here is full card shot -->

...this card was for a friend in who was in her kinder class but is in the opposite class this year. Zoie said the hair was her favorite part. :) Love it when the kids approve. It looked like a super cute party. They came dressed like pirates, made pirate hats, went on a treasure hunt with a treasure map and went home with a treasure chest full of fun pirate goodies. They did a great job with the party.

<--And inside

Next up is going to be a princess motif and bracelet for her BFF. She is going to be Rapunzel for Halloween so this will give her another reason to wear her costume.


Smoochies for this awesome scrapabella!

Bella Blinkie with Border