Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I was up super late last night... oh wait it was really early this morning ROFL. Anyway I was making bunnies for the kids Easter baskets. I had been searching for stuff for Zoie's birthday when somehow I came across Stamp A Latte and loved her bunny class project so I printed it and created my own. :D I had to figure out the dimensions I wanted for them etc...

I pulled out my Gypsy and played with mostly with my George cartridge. I used the heart off of Doodlecharms (one of my fav's) and then put them together. I did enjoy figuring it out. :) I thought they were pretty cute. I would have made the inside pink bigger for the ears and perhaps the black eye parts but over all the rest of it was pretty cute.

Scott said the kids were cute that they were very proud of themselves for finding mama and daddy's basket not that we hid ours hard ROFL nor did we have much in ours but Scott helped them find their baskets and once they found them they were super excited. Zoie was cute she put her candy in her candy Ziploc and let me know she ate a piece after she ate her breakfast. She showed me her very cute Mollie Monkey Scentsy Buddy, and her really cool book showing her how to create finger print pictures Klutz Fingerprint Fabulous she totally loved both her items. Mama and Daddy did good. Zach got the Roarbert Lion Scentsy Buddy and Klutz Book of Paper Airplane.

We made our colored eggs, then we got ourselves ready to go to Grandma's so I combined two hairdo's I do for Zoie for her hair today. She was wearing a super cute red dress that had a couple lady bugs on it so we put her lady bug earrings in and had her wear her sparkly red shoes. The kids hunted around Grandma's house. We went over to my mom's and had yummy ham, baked beans (my mom's ROCK) and potato salad. Then we rushed back home for Scott to run off to play hockey. It was a nice day, how was yours? I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. HUGS See you soon, working on Zoie's cupcake invites still. :D Check back soon.


  1. Sounds like you all had an awesome day! And I'm glad they like their Mollie & Roarbert, too!! :D Our 2 are snuggled up in bed with theirs, just like every other night... LOL

  2. Your bunnies turned out so cute!


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